A Morning in Moscow

 The woman who is wearing Lorani is the one who grasps the universe, she is self-confident, goes to the theatre... crosses the city, listens to music and creates. This woman likes to discover the world, to travel, to find out the breathing of the cities, the people’s culture and the unique life style. Lorani is about colour, the importance of connection with nature for life in big cities.

I’ve matched the suit with...  (jewellery) from Etz Life, a unique jewellery brand created in Israel, 100% hand made, from white gold and pure silver. The profit that Etz Life earns from selling jewellery is donated for charitable work throughout the world.

Mariana Nichifor, The Kingdom Style 

Etz Life featured in Mariana Nichifor's Fashion Blog The Kingdom Style 

May 07 2018

Photo Credit: Anastasia Kamenshchikova

Outfit: Lorani

Jewelery: Etz Life Wildflower Earrings & Hammered Leaf Pendant 

Bag: Philini

Featured Blog: The Kingdom Style