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The Happy Dance

This is one of my favourite quotes ever. Well, about business at least. It's so true! I read it one time scrolling through Pinterest, obviously, and I was almost unreasonably excited to find a phrase that so perfectly described my situation. The first time I got the email that I had received an order online, I'm fairly sure I did a happy dance within the confines of a computer chair. That was of course followed by my jumping up from said computer chair to spread the good news to anyone in the house willing to listen.

(All those committed to any sort of entrepreneurial venture said amen, and all those having to live with such pioneers rolled their eyes...?)

I'm not generally the excited type. I'm British. And rather introverted. My quiet moody side is definitively more developed than my happy side, but I'm working on it. But you know those smiles that just stay and don't go away even when you're concentrating? That's my face after I get a new order. It's not about the money - anyone who has started a business knows that its can't ever be about the money in the first years - it's more the fact that a stranger has looked at a piece of jewellery that I made, and gave it value. The price quotes by the pictures on a website don't mean anything unless someone else actually thinks it's worth it. And when they do - when browsing becomes buying - it's a huge honour, and a very good reason for a happy dance.

But the best happy dances are the ones that bubble up when I receive a request for an engagement ring. Best. Day. Ever. I have loved weddings since I was tiny, so to be a part of something so special is an incredible privilege for me, every time!

The first engagement ring I made was for a close friend, and her fiancé knew exactly how he wanted it: A dark blue sapphire with a gold feather on each side - such a unique and special picture of their relationship! As it was one of the first rings I had made, I did not have a very extensive knowledge of setting stones, so we went with a very simple setting, and ended up upgrading it a couple of years later.

Actually, thinking back, I don't think that first ring got a happy dance... possibly a mini anxiety attack?

Since then, I'm happy to say that my stone setting skills have greatly improved, and the excitement only grows with each new design. I've designed rings together with the bride who wanted a low profile classic style, the groom who knew exactly what he wanted, the girl who wanted to include some gorgeous symbolism, the guy who had no idea of the difference between diamond and ruby... But the best part is process of discovering the perfect design together. It's a very personal journey, and I try to keep the customer involved with every step - because why not?! My gemstone supplier is by now fairly used to me using WhatsApp video to call customers while choosing the perfect centre stone...

So while you're considering your next purchase from our beautiful collection of lovingly handcrafted, top quality pieces (I should probably claim recycled gold, ethically produced, sustainable - but I still need to check exactly what qualifies for these modern wonder words)... Just know that as soon as you hit the purchase button, a happy dance is on the way.

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